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Allan Webber's Evolution of Concepts site (

Allan Webber  2017 (B SC, Grad Dip Ed Admin)
Evolutionary Tree of concepts

This web site is built to give public access to ideas that I want to develop further.

The concept of the spacon (shown below) I believe can resolve many unresolved problems surrounding, light, the speed of light, the expansion of space, black holes and the mechanisms that brought about the Big Bang.

I have put into this site several entry level coverages to show the means by which my claims may be fulfilled.

However they need to go further and to do this I need those with expertise in the various topics to make suggestions and criticisms.

I am therefore interested in making contact with people who agree there is a potential worth developing.

Spacon Photon Cosmos Dynamics

Fractal Cosmos model - Photon space-expansion mechanism explains aspects of our Universe and its Black Holes.

Let There be Light - Concept evolution as a Cosmology Model leading to new aspects of Universe Expansion and propagation of Light

Cosmos dynamics - Mechanisms underpinning creation of our Cosmos' mass, space time dimension.

Awareness - The evolution of Awareness and Memory in the history of humankind

Eternity - the role of eternal zones in supplying the Universe with creative design.

Evolutionary Tree for Concepts - The remarkable thing about concepts is that on this planet humankind is the first to realise that there is such a thing as a concept. This paper discusses the factors behind our ability.

Interfaces - the factors affecting the contact between eternal and material zones.

Aliens within - a possible future-seeing outcome as awareness evolves.

Black Hole dynamics




Spaceon photon evolution

Cosmos dynamics

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